Anthony Weiner Drops Out: Carlos Danger Is Now Running For NYC Mayor (VIDEO)


The world temporary forgot about royal babies this week when ex-Congressman and current NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner revealed that he still hasn’t learned his lesson from before and continues to send photos of his penis to young women–all under the moniker Carlos Danger,  a quasi-Latin sexting machine.  It seems that Carlos Danger now completely controls Anthony Weiner through his irresistible Latin charm, forcing Anthony Weiner to drop out so he can run for Mayor instead.

 From Carlos Danger’s Official Facebook Page, Carlos Danger For New York:

I am running for Mayor of NYC because I am Carlos Danger: The most interesting politician in the world! 

Ever since I was young boy, I always dreamed of a day where a man could anonymously send photos of his penis. Now that this day has come, I am going to fight to ensure that every New Yorker will be able to sext their genitals for free, no matter their gender or race.

My platform consists of free sexting on the weekends, unlimited supply of cigars, and penis pics for everyone.

And when asked how he convinced Anthony Weiner to drop out and how he’s now controlling him completely, Carlos Danger had the following to say:

“Anthony Weiner has no vision or charisma. I am the one who makes him interesting and I am the one who will make NYC a cool place  again. And I will do this completely via sext message and it won;t cost taxpayers a penny.

If you would like to get a closer look at the mysterious man who has taken over Anthony Weiner, then watch this brief video below:

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