Free Wood Post’s Most Popular Baby Names of 2013


Free Wood Post has compiled a list of their favorite and most popular baby names so far in 2013. Topping off the list for the girls is Diaphragm, and for the boys, Ladle.

Top 10 Girl names:Baby-Girl-Crawling-Clip-Art-Vector-Download1.ch_

1. Diaphragm

2. Cantaloupe

3. Dinette

4. Duvet

5. Marvelous

6. Kindle

7. Lemonade

8. Seahorse

9. Aerosol

10. Lisa

Top 10 Boy names:baby-boy-crawling-clip-art-188384265643

1. Ladle

2. Tusk

3. Cornet

4. Five

5. Triangle

6. Fridge

7. Birch

8. Barrier

9. Hedge

10. Tom

I hope all who are expecting a new bundle of joy take this list into serious consideration, and may it be a help in your decision-making process.

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