Bait and Murder Finally Legalized in Florida


While it may be days before Florida formally introduces Bill H-19 – also known as ‘Zimm’s Law’ – to its legislature, the courts have already handed a major victory to proponents of being an asshole to someone in public and then shooting them when they beat you like the worthless stupid asshole you are.

A jury of George Zimmerman’s peers, which one assumes consisted of people who fantasize regularly about harassing and then murdering strangers, found George Zimmerman not guilty of following, harassing, rightfully getting his ass beat, and then eventually shooting a teenager, in a case where Zimmerman’s defense was that he followed, harassed, rightfully got his ass beat, and then shot a teenager.

Legal analysts say Florida’s new-found acceptance for Bait and Murder is just a logical progression from the various Stand Your Ground laws passed in several of the dumb States recently.

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