Type 2 Diabetes Also Parting Ways With Controversial Deen


Type 2 diabetes has announced today that it is also parting ways with Paula Deen in the wake of her alleged racist remarks regarding a plantation-themed wedding party complete with waiters dressed in what many are calling a manner reminiscent of slavery. The Food Network, Walmart, Caesars Entertainment, Home Depot, and Smithfield Foods have already cut ties with the cooking mogul. This was then followed by diabetes drug-maker Novo Nordisk and now the disease itself is joining the group.

“This was a very difficult decision,” said Type 2 diabetes. “People love Type 1 diabetes. If you have that, it’s “not your fault”. But everyone hates Type 2 diabetes. We don’t have a lot of friends. We’re commonly associated with people stuffing their face with lard and not exercising. We don’t have a very good reputation. But even we can’t continue to associate with Ms. Deen. We’re leaving her body effective immediately.”

Ms. Deen’s publicist again reiterated that Deen was sorry, but understood the decision. She’s hoping to put together a deal with heart disease in the near future.

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