Heterosexual Couples Forced To Immediately Divorce After DOMA Ruling


WASHINGTON D.C. — It would seem that just seconds after the Supreme Court made their ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) marriages between one man and one woman were immediately considered null and void as all relationships were forcibly made to divorce. Hundreds of thousands of heterosexual couples looked at each other with mournful desperation that their union no longer meant anything due to the equality of all.

Free Wood Post caught up with Sandy Pullenstrap of Alabama who said, “It is a tragic state of affairs. One minute me and my husband were in married bliss, then seconds later once the Supreme Court of Socialism made their decision to let them gay folks get federally recognized as married we just couldn’t go on in our marriage. Now our relationship means nothing. I don’t even think I love Cletus anymore… that’s what’s been done.” 

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as the unravelling of heterosexual marriage continues and everyone is forced to marry people of the same gender. That’s what’s going to happen, right? That’s what they said would happen. No??

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