Facebook Employee Outs Insidious Program That Targets Users With Ads


A brave Facebook employee has recently blown the lid off the most unbelievable scandal yet known to man. The man, Edward Rainden, released scores of documents which alarmingly show that his employer, Facebook, has been systematically scanning status messages, comments, and likes in order to maliciously target users for advertisements.

Leading global privacy expert Anne Roth:

“We were totally floored when Rainden made his allegations, but his documentation seems to prove that Facebook was indeed conducting itself in this despicable manner. No one could have suspected in our wildest dreams that they could have been doing such a thing. We all thought it was just crazy coincidence when someone might comment about how tired they were and then magically an ad for a Keurig coffee maker would soon show up.”

Mr. Rainden is now attempting to evade what he expects is certain retribution from the social networking giant. He knows that their wrath will be swift and harsh, and he already believes that they’ve tracked his location to Hong Kong. “They flagged my exact location the moment I checked in with FourSquare. They’re really good. I’m being targeted even as we speak with recommendations to the best entertainment and dining in Hong Kong!”

Roth continued:

“The reason we didn’t suspect anything sooner is because if they’ve been doing this, they are really quite awful at it. Last fall, I commented about how Newt Gingrich was a disgusting pig. Then the next thing I knew, I was being bombarded with ads to contribute to Gingrich’s Presidential campaign.”

Free Wood Post continues to monitor these shocking developments and will inform you with additional details as they happen.


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