Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Blames Working Moms For The Holocaust


Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) said Tuesday that 6 million Jews were murdered in Europe during the WWII era largely due to women working outside the home in large numbers.

“Oh sure, I know people are going to call me old-fashioned and I’m sure I’ll get some nasty telegraphs over this one, but it’s true. Before about the late 1930s, there weren’t ever any wars going on, but then after all of the moms started entering the workforce, things went downhill fast. Adolph Hitler’s mom worked at a dress factory and didn’t have time to help the poor little boy get his homework done. It was very frustrating for him as you might guess, you know, because they had that new math back then… Next thing you know, he’s devising murderous plans to conquer all of Europe and exterminate an entire race of people! This is all very scientific, but I know people won’t want to hear it and they’ll pretend this isn’t true.”

Reporters instantly challenged him on his claim and called his thinking “archaic”, but he did not back down. “You’re absolutely wrong, but I don’t want to hear it. Here’s a nickel, call someone who does.”

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