NBA: All Homophobic Tweets Must First Be Cleared By Jason Collins


In the wake of Indiana Pacers star Roy Hibbert’s post-game comments which included what many have interpreted as homophobic in nature, the NBA is instituting a new policy.

Following Hibbert’s lead, in which he reached out to openly gay baller Jason Collins via Twitter to discuss his comments, Commissioner David Stern has announced that NBA policy henceforth will require Collins’ approval on all press conference comments, Facebook posts, and tweets which even tangentially reference homosexuality, before they are allowed to be aired.

“I think it only makes sense that Jason be consulted on all commentary regarding homosexuality, as he is practically our league’s gay oracle,” said Stern.

When contacted, Collins said, “I’ve said what I had to say already. There aren’t enough hours in the day to review NBA players’ tweets. And besides, I never figured out what half of those stupid Twitter abbreviations are supposed to mean anyway. I prefer to read things that don’t give me a headache. Please leave me alone.”

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