18-Month-Old Baby Earns NRA Lifetime Membership With Gun-Shaped Dump


Right on the heels of an 8-year-old Maryland boy having a Junior Life Membership in the NRA purchased for him after being suspended for biting his Pop Tart into the shape of a gun, another boy has earned a similar honor.

This time 18-month-old Elijah Manning, from Enid, Oklahoma, was granted a complimentary Toddler Life Membership in the NRA by taking a dump in the shape of a 9mm Glock 17.

“I pulled back the diaper and just gasped!” said his mother, Lisa Manning. “I called my husband home from work to come and look at it. He couldn’t believe it either.”

The couple then sent photos, along with the diaper contents in a plastic bag, in to the office of Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe.

“Just seven days later, we got this in the mail!” said Mrs. Manning, holding up a framed certificate bestowing Elijah with Toddler Life Membership in the NRA. “Senator Inhofe must know someone. They don’t just give these out to anyone. You have to give them 500 bucks!”

According to the NRA website, only 3,453 Toddler Life Memberships have been purchased so far this year.


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