Comedy Writers Start Petition For Michele Bachmann To Run Again

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It would seem that comedy writers nationwide are in utter shock and disbelief that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) will not be seeking reelection in 2014. They are saddened by the sudden loss of infamous material that will now be just dust in the wind.

With many more Tea Party Republicans in the running hope is not entirely lost, and many are optimistic that material will be abundant. However, without the Queen Bee of the Tea Party, comedy writing will never be the same. Who will talk about the scientists behind intelligent design, or all the abortion field trips? Who will mistake the legendary John Wayne for the serial killer John Wayne Gacy? Who will talk about the “re-education” camps for our nation’s youths? Who will refer to access to affordable health care as “killing” people? I’m sure we’ll have plenty of future contenders in the running for who is to replace her level of unintended comedic prowess, but none will come close to the abundance of never-ending material that she brings to the comedy world.

In an effort to make sure Bachmann doesn’t leave comedy writers high and dry many have come together and started a petition for her to run again. Unfortunately, most of America is excited to see her go and the petition only has about twenty signatures – not nearly enough to even be considered. It appears many will be glad to see her off the House Intelligence Committee and out of the halls of Congress altogether.

We here at Free Wood Post are deeply saddened by her departure from the political world. We hope that she stays in the spotlight just enough for us to grab ahold of whatever comedic material she may toss our way.

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