President Obama Changing Name To “John ‘Bubba’ White” In Hopes of Getting GOP Compromise

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It seems that President Obama recognizes that many on the right do not like his name. He understands that having the name Barack Hussein Obama is very scary to some who don’t leave their porches to have contact with the outside world. In an effort to appear less threatening he has plans to change his name to ‘John Bubba White.’

President Obama hopes that this change will also bring about more compromise within the halls of Congress as seeing the name “White” will bring comfort to those previously uncomfortable and frightened.

A name change of a sitting president has never occurred in the history of the United States of America, but President Obama feels its imperative if he is ever going to get anything accomplished. The name change is set to occur some time within the coming months.

Free Wood Post will keep you updated if the name change plan to accomplish goals actually brings about positive compromise and change.

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