Darrell Issa Blames Obama For Not Traveling Back In Time To Stop Bush’s Lies Which Led To War

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WASHINGTON D.C. — As details emerge about the Iraq war and why the United States invaded, it turns out the entire war was based on false information that wasn’t properly clarified before the invasion. As it turns out Weapons of Mass Destruction  (WMD) never existed in Iraq even after the American people were told that they did and an unnecessary war ensued.

It seems that Fox News and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) want to get to the bottom of this travesty. They are appalled that the American people could’ve been lied to so vehemently at the cost of thousands of American military lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Rep. Issa is calling a judiciary committee hearing to investigate the Obama administration’s failure to travel back in their time machine 10 years to stop President Bush from invading Iraq on false evidence.

The hearing is set to begin sometime within the next month, and Rep. Issa is hoping that justice will be served. “I just can’t believe President Obama would allow President Bush to lie to the American people like that,” said Issa in an exclusive interview with Free Wood Post. “That he would allow us to enter into a war which cost thousands of American lives for absolutely no reason at all, or at least not a reason that has been made clear. We will get to the bottom of it. Lies are not to be tolerated, and President Obama should’ve known to stop President Bush from invading. The whole thing is abhorrent. Everyone knows you can’t leave President Bush and Dick Cheney unsupervised. Especially Cheney, that’s like leaving a pyromaniac alone in a fireworks shop with a lighter and expecting nothing to happen. If you give the man a chance to start a war, he’s gonna do it no matter what, and Obama should’ve been there to stop them. This lack of oversight is impeachment worthy.”

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as details emerge from the forthcoming investigation.


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