“Stop Blaming Hitler!” Says Neo-Nazi Group


Secretive neo-Nazi and white supremacist group “You Can Nazi Us” released a statement yesterday, protesting historical objections to Adolf Hitler and his impact upon the history of Nazi Germany during the World War II era.

A brief excerpt of the manifesto reads:

“Stop blaming Hitler! People are still complaining about Hitler. Especially a bunch of whiny relatives of the victims. Yes, he might have been responsible for killing 6 million Jews. But medicine was not as advanced back then and they might have died from the plague or something anyway. But some survived, too! And they lived to have more Jewish babies. And do you know how many years ago that was? That was a long time ago and we now have more Jews in the world than ever. So give it a rest! Even that one dead Jewish girl got a famous book published! Not to mention the state of Israel. Do you think there would be a Jewish homeland in Israel if Hitler hadn’t killed all of those Jews? Maybe he actually deserves some credit. Did you ever think of that? So it is our sincere wish that people would stop blaming Hitler for Jewish genocide and start looking at the positive things he was responsible for. Most do not know that the economy was actually pretty good under Hitler. And he really loved puppies! We understand that it is hard to judge a political figure so soon after his death, and we are certain that history will end up looking favorably upon the Fuhrer. I would bet my pet goat on it!”

Other details included plans for an Adolf Hitler Library and Art Gallery, which is currently in its funding stage. A location was not specified, but to date the group has raised $37.43 for the facility.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center released a short comment stating that they have not heard of the group but they are not quite ready to embrace the history of Adolf Hitler simply because it was “a long time ago”.

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