Mark Sanford Looking Forward To More Taxpayer Funded Affairs

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — During an interview after winning South Carolina’s first district, Mark Sanford revealed some of his plans for his future in Congress as well as in his own personal life.

“I feel so blessed to be given this second opportunity to serve South Carolina and the American people,” said Sanford. “I plan on really working hard with both Democrats and Republicans to get much-needed work done in Washington on major key issues. I’m also very excited to be back on the taxpayers payroll, they really do fund the best vacations and opportunities for me to be unfaithful to my family. Sometimes even the best cover-ups, although not always (laughs). Praise Jesus. All in all I’m really looking forward to my time ahead in Congress.”

Only time will tell to see how Sanford behaves both inside and out of the halls of Congress.

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