David Icke Accuses Alex Jones of Masterminding False Flag Attacks


Conspiracy theorist David Icke, famous for postulating that world-known political figures like George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II are reptilian aliens in disguise, is accusing Texas-based conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of masterminding so-called “false flag” incidents in Boston, Newtown, CT, and New York City.

“All you need to do to figure out who is behind a false flag attack,” Icke explained, “is step-back and look to see who benefits the most from it.” According to Icke, Jones has benefitted from the 9-11, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon bombing more than anyone else.

“Who sold more books and videos spewing paranoid delusions than me following 9-11?” Icke asked. “The answer’s Alex Jones, of course.”

Icke went on: “Who gained more infamy and Internet hits than me following Sandy Hook? Jones again. And who is stealing more of my followers away since the Boston Marathon bombing than any other conspiracy theorist? That’s right, Alex Jones.”

“The pattern is clear,” Icke said. “The more false flag attacks that happen, the more noise Jones can make about them. The more noise Jones makes, the more of my lunatic fan base he steals away. Therefore, the only logical conclusion that anyone could possibly come to is that Alex Jones is behind all of these false flag events.”

When Jones was asked by a caller on his radio show about Icke’s accusations, Jones shouted, “David Icke is a member of the Illuminati! He’s British too! That means he’s after our guns! This nation will have to rise up and revolt if the likes of Icke get their Bohemian-Grove-loving, Moloch-worshiping hands on our Constitution!”

In response to Jones’ tirade against him, Icke said, “Ah, bother, that Alex Jones! He’s another one of the reptilian aliens that’s taken over the power infrastructure of the planet.”

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