92% of Fox News Viewers Still Angry Over Benghazi, Though 99% Of Those Not Sure Why


A new telephone poll shows that a solid 92% of all regular Fox News viewers are still angry over Benghazi, though an equally impressive 99% of those respondents aren’t sure why because they can’t remember, or in many cases never really knew what Benghazi even refers to.

A qualitative sampling of quotes from the study:

“The government is all so interested in figuring out who is responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings and why they did it, but what about Benghazi? That’s the thing where Obama did something really bad… OK, I don’t really know what Benghazi is, but if Hannity’s mad about it, I’m mad about it!”

“Why all this stuff about gun control when Benghazi is still an issue?! It is still an issue, isn’t it?”

“The Boston bombing is a conspiracy just like Benghazi! Or is it coverup? It’s either coverup or conspiracy, whichever is worse.”

“The guy in the restaurant wanted to know what I wanted to eat… I said, “Don’t you know that Benghazi is still going on? We need to stop… the Benghazi…things.” Open your eyes, people. Get educated. People are so ignoramus.”

The poll involved a sample size of 4323 idiots reached by phone and claims a margin of error of plus or minus 2%.

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