Rand Paul To Speak At Howard, Excited To Tell Students To Their Face He Doesn’t Support Civil Rights

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This Wednesday Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) will be speaking at Howard University. His goal is to beat Reince Priebus to the punch and make sure the students know how the Republican Party truly feels about people of color before the RNC chair can try to implement the party’s new approach to minority outreach.

The historically black university is slightly apprehensive for the arrival of Paul but is willing to listen to what he has to say, if anything to clarify what they already know about the young Senator who has come out in the past against the Civil Rights Act saying it’s really just about “controlling property.”

Senator Paul said regarding his visit:

“These young negroes need to know where we as a party really stand. We stand up for freedom and civil liberties. That is of course the freedom for white business owners to deny individuals from their establishments based only upon the color of skin. Republicans used to be the party of Lincoln standing up for freedom of the negro slaves. Well… that’s obviously not true anymore… thank goodness. Those slave owners should have had the right to keep those colored individuals as property, that was their right as freedom loving Americans. Now we stand at a precipice as a nation. Are we going to keep denying our white brothers and sisters the right to deny those they don’t like from entering their stores and restaurants? I think not. I’m planning on telling those young colored folk over at Howard how we truly feel. No sense in lying for votes anymore. It’s not working anyway, people can see right through us. If they are going to hear the truth it should be to their face, and I’m excited about being the person to do so.”

The visit to Howard University will be historic and watched very closely by both sides of the aisle. Reince Priebus is begging Paul not to attend, but those pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears.

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date on the senators visit and reaction from the Howard University student body.

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