President Obama Admits To Being The Reincarnation Of Ancient Egyptian King (VIDEO)

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On a trip to Egypt, President Obama visited the Pyramids at Giza. While inside one of the Pyramids he noticed a hieroglyphic of an ancient king and admitted that it was indeed him.

Off camera Free Wood Post was able to grab this quote from the ancient and modern-day leader:

“Listen, I didn’t think we would actually go inside the Pyramids, but we did and I couldn’t help but point out the old hieroglyph of me. To be honest it shows that I haven’t aged one bit. (laughs) But seriously, that was the old me. I don’t expect Pyramids to be built or animals sacrificed in my name anymore. I don’t need to be carried around anymore or wear over the top headdresses. That’s all in my past. I keep it simple now. The White House works just fine, as do my Dockers and Polo shirts.”


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