North Korea To Battle South Korea On Special Episode Of Splash!

"Splash" "North" "South" "Korea" "compete" "battle"

Things seem to really be heating up between North Korea and South Korea, and with war seeming imminent the United States has decided to step in. If there is one thing both Americans and Kim Jong-un know how to do, it’s compete for no reason at all but to make yourself look ridiculous.

The producers of ABC’s new competition show Splash! in conjunction with United States intelligence and military leaders have devised a plan to settle the dispute between North and South Korea. They are coordinating a special episode to be titled Splash! – World Leaders with both North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s newly elected first female president Park Geun-hye to compete.

The two leaders will perform a dive of their choosing from any of the 3, 5, 7 and 10 metre platforms or from the 3m springboard. They will be judged on each dive for difficulty, style, and splash. As they move through the heats the judges (specifically selected by the United States in coordination with the United Nations and the World Association of Competitive Diving) they will be scored 1-10.  If the final tally of scores is too close to call there will be a “Splash! off” where both competitors choose one final dive and the winner will be chosen through call-in votes worldwide.

The hope is that this special episode of Splash! will end regional tensions once and for all.


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