Paul Ryan Stops Eating And Going To The Doctor To Pay Down His Mortgage In Only Five Years

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To prove the point that the national deficit can be cut by $4.6 trillion in a decade, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has decided to stop eating and going to the doctor to prove that he can pay down his sizable mortgage in only five years.

In his new “responsible” national budget plan Ryan cuts aid to the poor and elderly drastically in regards to food and medical treatment, so he feels he can do the same. He plans on reducing the years it takes to pay off his mortgage or at least drastically reduce the amount he owes on it by not eating or receiving medical treatment during the course of repayment. He feels those are luxury items he can go without because paying down his mortgage is much more important than his well-being.

His new plan of not eating will begin next week. Seven to ten days into his plan we will see how he is doing. Hopefully he will be able to prove his point and we can then go on to implementing his similar budget plan for the nation as a whole.

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