Tea Party Worried Obama May Direct Asteroids Directly At Their Bunkers

"Obama" "Asteroid" "Tea" "Party" "bunker" "drone" "Rand" "Paul"

One local Tea Party group in Arkansas is taking no chances. They have filed a petition with WhiteHouse.gov  asking legislators to quickly question President Obama and his administration about the potential threat of asteroids being used to destroy their underground bunkers.

One Tea Party member named Cletus Rushington who lives 20 miles outside Arakdelphia wrote on his blog undergroundteapatriots.com that “Mr. Obama’s out to get us, and he know he can only reach us with the power of outer space comin’ down to rain hellfire on us true Americans. He don’t like us much, and he know that we don’t agree with everything he say so he’s gonna command all the asteroids to come blow up our safe space. We built our bunkers out of sweat and American blood knowin’ that one day the government was gonna come take everything away that we worked hard for, but how could we plan on an asteroid? That commie Obama is out for us in the worst way, even plottin’ to find us with his fancy heat-seeking satellites, attach trackers and booster jets with his big government know-how to asteroids near by, point ’em directly at us, then boom… an asteroid gonna come get us while we’s eatin’ our supper 15 feet underground. Now I believe that true American young man Rand Paul will be the guy to get this done for us. He’ll ask Mr. Obama and his thugs about these asteroids and then write a bill to stop it. Oh, I can’t wait to see the look on Mr. Obama’s face when he finds out we’re onto his plan to destroy all good-blooded true Americans who ain’t afraid to stand up for justice.”

Free Wood Post has contacted Sen. Rand Paul’s office for comment on his potential questioning of the Obama administration, but has failed to hear back as of yet. We will be sure to keep you up to date as this story unfolds.


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