Jeb Bush Changing His Last Name To Reagan To Better His Chances In 2016

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It’s rumored that former governor of Florida Jeb Bush may make a try to become the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. He is however quite aware of the stigma attached to his last name ever since his brother turned out to be one of the worst presidents in United States history. Even the Republican party ran away from George W. Bush not even inviting him to the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Jeb will be changing his last name to Reagan by September 2015 to better his chances of becoming the potential GOP nominee.

The future Jeb Reagan is quoted saying, “Everyone loved Ronnie, he was a good guy. Got stuff done. No one liked my brother. Hell, I don’t even like my brother. Damn jerk gave me his head as a Chia Pet for my birthday… dingbat. Anyway, I figured I need to get away from the name Bush and go with a name that’s adored by millions, by Republicans, Independents, and even a few Democrats alike. My dad wasn’t offended and said, if he hadn’t already been president he’d change his name as well, but he didn’t want the national historians to have to go through and change everything. I’m looking forward to my run in 2016, it should be a nail-biter, but I think with this name change I’ll be good to go.”

Only time will tell to see if Jeb Reagan has a chance at victory, but experts are already saying he may have definitely given himself an edge over Democratic competitors.


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