Obama Stockpiling Weapons, Ammunition, And What Seems To Be Some Sort Of Nationalized Army

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According to UndergroundDwellers.com President Obama is setting up some form of coup to completely control all the people of the United States. It has been reported that he has seemingly unlimited access to all forms of weaponry including ammunition, tanks, submarines, airplanes, ships, as well as what seems to be some sort of nationalized army of soldiers.

To be more inconspicuous President Obama calls these groups of soldiers by different names. Supposedly his code names for these groups range from “Air Force” (for the dreaded flying machines that roam our skies to take our wives, children, and livestock) to the “Marines” (some form of amphibious creature-type man-beasts that can roam on land and water) to the “Army” (the man-beasts that seemingly have no fear) to the “Navy” (who seem to be great a transporting all of the soldiers around) to the “National Guard” and “Coast Guard” (the president’s personal legion of homeland militants).

It is of great concern to many U.S. citizens that President Obama is in command of all these nationalized armed forces. It is feared that he may use the weapons and ammunition in his possession in armed conflict, something that no other American president has ever done in the history of the republic.

UndergroundDwellers.com has promised to keep Free Wood Post up-to-date as details unfold in the presidents plan to form several units of nationalized militaristic operations and forces.

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