Argo Wins Best Picture Angering Right-Wing: “It’s Just Rewarding Problem-Solving Without Need Of War”

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Sunday night at the Academy Awards Argo brought home the top prize of best picture, and while many were congratulating the victory of the story that many had never heard there were several on the right-wing who were very upset. A series of tweets exploded from several in the Republican party right after the winner was announced.

John McCain: Seriously? Ignoring Lincoln to favor Carter’s go-ahead to get Americans out without war? Ugh. 

David Vitter: ARGO?? Let’s just bow down to our enemies. Now Lincoln’s been shot down twice.

Jim Inhofe: Deeply concerned about Argo winning best picture. It’s just rewarding problem-solving without the need of war. 

Dick Cheney: Halliburton would’ve owned Iran by now. 

Sarah Palin: What’s Argo? What’s the CIA? I want popcorn. #Ineedanewbookdeal

For those who aren’t aware Argo is based upon the secret actions that took place to rescue six U.S. diplomats from Iran in 1979. It was dramatized with some aspects of fiction, but the story was accurate. The portrayal of peaceably working with other nations and working heavily with intelligence capabilities to attain a means to an end without the need of war seemed to deeply upset several war-loving Republicans.

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