Glenn Beck Exposes Secretive ‘Liberal Arts’ In Nearly Every American College

Yesterday on his radio show, Glenn Beck dropped a huge bombshell on his audience. He exposed the “disturbing truth” that nearly every American university and college has been offering a secretive program of study in something called “liberal arts”. It is in these programs, he believes, where the majority of Americans are poisoning their minds with progressive ideals which are a grave threat to the very foundation of America.

“These liberal arts programs have been planted in nearly every college in America by progressives out to destroy America. And this is how they’re getting to each succeeding generation and forcing young people to turn away from conservatism! I mean…it’s right there in the name. Liberal! And when you are a student and you start to become indoctrinated into these liberal arts…these dark arts…your mind starts to become warped over time. Apparently, this has been going on for quite some time. But when you’re exposed to this…then you start thinking that it’s okay to help the poor or feed the hungry. You start thinking that it’s okay to read literature not written by Ayn Rand. You start thinking that the government is not out to get you. You start thinking that the world will continue to go on after April 28th and that you don’t need to stockpile food and ammunition. You start thinking that women and minorities deserve equal rights. You start thinking that it’s okay to be attracted to who you want to be attracted to. You start thinking that corporations shouldn’t dump their wastes into the water and air in order to increase their market valuation. You start thinking that we can get energy from the wind and the sun. Hilarious, I know! But this is what they’re telling them! These are the types of poisonous thoughts that are being implanted in the minds of our young people attempting to access higher education. This is what we’re up against as lovers of America and freedom. It may even be too late. But tell your freedom-loving friends about this. I can assure you that they’re unaware of this. But we’re going to blow the lid off of this thing and make sure everyone knows. We won’t be made to look like fools!”

After a cursory investigation, Free Wood Post has determined that liberal arts education has been offered since at least Ancient Greece and concerns itself with a wide range of subjects, none of which are associated with any desire to destroy America.

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