Daniel Day-Lewis To Run As Lincoln in 2016

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In a major challenge to the Washington establishment, Lincoln star Daniel Day-Lewis has announced he is staying in character and contesting the next presidential election with the full backing of Steven Spielberg and the Lincoln production team.

The team are convinced this is a positive trend. Denying any claim that they’re cashing in on the movie’s success, Spielberg says, “I think it’s time to erase the last trace of distinction between Hollywood and Washington. Ronald Reagan paved the way for this. He was playing a part most of the time he was in the White House. Was that part always Ronald Reagan? I don’t think so. This is just a logical progression, not a major break with tradition.”

The campaign team is tight-lipped about their candidate’s policies. “Let’s just say Mr Day-Lewis is in favour of holding the Union together”, said Lincoln screenwriter Tony Kushner. “However, it’s not the 1860s anymore, and we’ll be running a slicker campaign this time round, with snappy, Facebook-friendly soundbites. Gettsyburg Address? Forget it.” He dismisses the image of Lincoln as a narrow-minded backwoodsman, out of tune with Hollywood values. “He was ahead of his time on slavery, and I think he’d be comfortable with gun control and gay marriage too.”

Nobody on the project seems worried about any copycat competition. “Of course you’ve got Bill Murray as FDR”, admits production assistant Jeff Norsby. “But all forecasts say the presidency is set to swing back to the Republicans next time round. Plus FDR is from a different century than Lincoln, and that would be against Hollywood rules.

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