Carnival Defends Cruise: Overflowing Sewage and Lack of Food Are Normal On Our Cruises

As Carnival Cruise Lines’ Triumph was towed into port in Mobile, Alabama, fuming passengers aired their long list of complaints concerning their ruined cruise vacation. But Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill struck back against reports of a disappointing cruise featuring overflowing toilets, sloshing urine and fecal matter, food and water shortages, and extreme boredom.

“Yes, it’s true that a fire knocked out the engine of the cruise liner, but these passengers got the rare treat of a cruise without any pesky engine noise. Not everyone gets that kind of solitude on their cruise, and we did not charge our passengers extra for it. And as for the leaking sewage everywhere, lack of food and water, ever-present disgusting odors, and extreme boredom…hey, that’s what you get on our cruises when you pay only $200 for 4 days! If you want your every need of food, water, and sanitation catered to, go on one of those fancier cruise lines. This one is not for you. Do you really expect 100 hamburgers, 100 hot dogs, 50 bottles of water, a six-pack of Budweiser, and 2 shuffleboard courts to be enough to satisfy 4000 people? For $200, you get on a boat, you see water, and you don’t get murdered. That’s our promise to the customer. We delivered.

Yes, there were terrible odors and are terrible odors. Look at your fellow passengers and you. Yes, when you pull a handle sometimes a toilet flushes and sometimes it doesn’t. Shit happens. I am pretty sure urine is sterile, isn’t it? And feces… what, you can’t step over that? Many people sleeping on the deck did not return their towel by 5:00pm each evening and received many free towel charges. Some passengers were seen leaving the ship with some of the ship’s robes. We can have them identified and charged for those, but we haven’t done that yet. Plus, I’m not sure we’d want them back. They probably smell like sewage. Frankly, I don’t think we’re getting enough credit for having no deaths on this trip. We can’t always guarantee that. And I’m surprised by all of this complaining from people who were just in Galveston.”

Cahill says Carnival is offering vouchers to disgruntled travelers on Triumph‘s sister ship, Dung Ho.


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