Poll: Most Agree To Lifting Boy Scout Gay Ban But Uncomfortable With New ‘Sack Grab’ Merit Badge

A new poll that came out today shows that most Americans solidly support a lifting of the ban on homosexuals by the Boy Scouts of America, but also shows that many are uncomfortable about with corresponding new ‘Sack Grab’ merit badge.

A sample of the responses for those who signed a release:

“Hey, be who you are, but grabbing people’s scrotums to earn a badge? That just seems too much.”

“I’m not worried about gay boy scouts, but I don’t want my boy groped by anyone, gay or straight.”

“I did not see this in the handbook and I don’t remember this from when I was in the scouts. What happened to wood whittling”

But Family Research Council President Tony Perkins insists that once any potential homosexual ban is lifted, the ‘Sack Grab’ merit badge is just around the corner. “And that won’t be the end of the problems. Then they’ll be making the boys go out into the woods and sleep in tents with each other!”

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