IOC Drops Greco-Roman Wrestling from Olympics, Adds Rhythmic Wrestling

International Olympic Committee leaders dropped Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling from the Olympic program on Tuesday. This was a surprise decision that eliminates one of the oldest Olympic sports from the 2020 Games.

However, the anger of many wrestling purists may be alleviated by the fact that in the vacancy created by the removal of Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling, the IOC has agreed to insert a new event, Rhythmic Wrestling.

Rhythmic Wrestling does not involve any sort of grappling techniques such as throws, takedowns, joint locks, or pins. It requires very little strength or technique and does not in any way resemble any sort of historical hand to hand conflict that you might expect to see exhibited in traditional wrestling. It is said to combine the excitement of equestrian dressage with the artistry of table tennis. No one but the participants really understands the sport, but it has something to do with a ball, a rope, and a long striped ribbon.

The white knuckle excitement of Rhythmic Wrestling begins in summer 2020.

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