Vatican: The Catholic Church Being ‘Persecuted’ For Child Rapes and Cover-ups

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In an interview published recently in Germany’s leading newspaper, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller claimed that the Catholic Church is being persecuted today as the Jews in Europe were persecuted during World War II.

“Requests to see our records, constant criticisms, negative opinion pieces, and jokes are constantly made at our expense. And for what? Just because of a lousy problem of an insane amount of child rapes and their systematic cover-up? This is just like what they did to the Jews. Yes, we knew about all of the abuse. Yes, we covered it up. Yes, we re-assigned abusers to work in other parishes and withheld the information from the police. Yes, in many cases we threatened the abuse victims with excommunication if they spoke about it. Yes, we elected one of the people who may be the most central figure associated with the knowledge of abuses and cover-ups to be our Pope. But all of that stuff happened in the past. To keep bringing this up is kind of like marching us to death camps just because of our religion. Wanting to know what happened and to what extent it was covered up is the kind of thing that totalitarian ideologies such as Communism and Nazism have used against Christianity.”

Communism and Nazism had no comment.

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