Dr. Oz Reveals Shocking Presence of Sodium and Hydrogen in All Of The World’s Oceans

Dr. Mehmet Oz, famed doctor of…well, I don’t know…but he was on Oprah at least, has uncovered what he says is a shocking revelation that our sea water actually contains significant amounts of sodium. From his Thursday TV show:

“Most parents are not aware of this high sodium content, and they keep bringing their children to the beach to play and are unwittingly allowing them to swim in the ocean where these high levels can be found. And there have been tests, and they are saying now that sodium can be found in every ocean on the planet. This sodium can dry your children’s skin and hair and leave a very salty taste in their mouths, making them thirsty. But the real irony here is that despite its apparent wetness, the ocean water has levels of sodium far beyond what I’d recommend for drinking.

And even worse and more shocking this water contains twice the hydrogen as it does oxygen! Twice the amount! Everyone knows that oxygen is good for you, but you may not know about hydrogen. They make bombs out of it and it even made the Hindenburg explode! So you’re going to want to keep this water away from any open flame and vice versa.”

Oz says that he is certain that the EPA is aware of these disturbing facts, but refuses to act due to special lobbying interests that don’t want you to know about these startling revelations.


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