FBI Tracking Gun Ownership And Mental Health Through Facebook

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It seems that one way the government has decided to help curb gun violence is to track who owns guns and what mental health issues may appear by noting how often Facebook users post about guns, the second amendment, ammunition, and supposed tyranny.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has partnered up with Facebook in hopes that they can find individuals who may potentially cause harm and stop them before they are able to.

The FBI is using key words such as: guns; assault rifle; second amendment; ammunition; tyranny; bunker; armageddon; King Obama; magazine; bear arms;  harm others or themselves; etc.

Apparently those who use those words most frequently will get tagged, investigated, and likely given a psychiatric evaluation. Which may in turn strip them of their right to carry a firearm with their permits no longer seen valid by the federal, state, or local governments.

Most see the second amendment as a God-given right. Apparently however, it is a law granting permission to bear arms by the government, also to be regulated by the government, and as the government grants that right, they also seem able to take it away when seen necessary.

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