AAA: Vehicle Regulations Lead To Slippery Slope of Automobile Confiscation

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American Automobile Association (AAA) President Robert Darbelnet lashed out at the federal government and all individual state governments concerning the now rampant application of nationwide speed limits, auto inspections, and licensing requirements.

“These undue burdens are not only infringing on our rights as automobile owners, but they create a slippery slope to complete confiscation of our vehicles by a tyrannical government. We’ve been slowly sliding down this slope since 1757, when the first speed limit was set in Boston for wagons, horses, and carriages at a dictatorial ‘walking pace’. Cars don’t drive fast by themselves, people do!”

Then licensing requirements were instituted, keeping great citizens like my dad off the road. Now he’s all like, “William, can you drive me to the store?” And I’m like, “I’m Robert, you blind fool!” Auto inspections came even later, making that particular slope even slipperier! So with these restrictions and regulations it’s easier than ever for the government to start confiscating our cars at any time.

It could happen any day now…so…the best way to protect against that is to buy a AAA membership. Seventy five bucks is cheap for discount maps, roadside assistance, lockout service, hotel discounts, and government car confiscation prevention. It’s a steal!”

President Obama vehemently denied any plans for vehicle confiscation at the federal level, and mentioned that he just used his AAA membership to get 10% off at Lenscrafters just last week.


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