CONFIRMED: President Obama Lip-synched At Inauguration

"Obama" "inauguration" "lip" "synch"

While many looked on awestruck from the National Mall in Washington DC as well as millions more from home at the groundbreaking second inaugural speech President Obama made Monday to welcome in his next four years, it was apparently not performed live.

President Obama practiced for hours on end in preparation to synch up his gestures and mouth to the words he spoke with such passion.

The president allegedly recorded the speech days earlier to work out the kinks and make sure he fit everything he wanted inside of it without error. He wanted to make sure his words rang loud and clear about his love for America, his longing for equality, and his hope for the future.

It seems the president was most concerned about his message of getting “we the people” across. He didn’t want America to think he was in favor of each man/woman/child/dog/cat/fish for themselves. It was obvious he wanted the citizens of America to feel included and not ignored, and that we rise and fall together because if only the top survives they too will eventually fall.

Knowing how well lip-synching works for  music artists in high-stress situations where the winds may be high and the temperatures low President Obama wanted inauguration day to be perfect. To be honest, I couldn’t tell — so just add that to the things that impress me about the man.

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