Man With Multiple Facebook Posts About Loving Guns Proves He May Be Slightly Crazy — Police Investigate


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In the wake of tragedy where 26 Americans perished, 20 being children many Americans have taken to Facebook to express their opinions about guns and gun violence.

President Obama has made it clear that he wants action taken in regards to the uprising in mass shootings in recent years. Many other lawmakers have also made it a priority to try and curb the availability of semi-automatic assault rifles as well as extended magazines and unlimited access to ammunition. Assault rifles with extended magazines seem to be the weapon of choice in these recent massacres. Many lawmakers also seek to close the gun show loophole and are advocating for more intense background checks.

On the other end of the gun opinion spectrum the NRA and their following have expressed their discontent for any form of gun and ammunition reform. They claim “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”

Both sides are allowed to have their opinions as granted by the first amendment of the constitution.

It seems however, in the outpouring of opinions on Facebook from both sides one man near Odessa Texas has apparently gone a little overboard. Every five minutes he’s either posting a status update, an image, or reposting something someone else has posted in regards to his second amendment right.

The posts ranged from quotes about freedom and the second amendment to pictures of guns of every kind to pictures of a comparing Hitler to President Obama to insinuating one of the most powerful men on the earth (Obama) with a record number of death threats should not have armed guards if he wants to take away his right to own a stockpile of military style weapons with extended clips where the only  reason seemingly to have it would be to massacre a crowd to his profile picture of him literally making out with his Bushmaster .223 with an extended clip with text underneath saying “my love of guns is more valuable than preventing massacres.”

Due to the volume of the posts one of his friends contacted the local police to investigate. Many were concerned that because of his passion for weaponry and his apparent fear of others that he may be a threat to himself or the community. Upon entering his home the police found him under a blanket in his bedroom with a gun on his lap staring at his computer screen. It seems he also had a stockpile of weapons that would arm a small nation. He is currently under psychiatric evaluation, and due to privacy restrictions in the case we are forbidden to release his name until further notice.


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