Airbus to Introduce Fighter Jets to Follow Boeing Dreamliners

TOULOUSE, FRANCE – Airbus SAS announced on Friday that they will roll out a small jet built specifically to fight in-flight fires that will follow troubled Boeing 787 Dreamliners in flight. Company officials however deny this is a stunt to embarrass Boeing.

“We are simply looking after the safety and well-being of potential customers of Airbus and our partners,” said company CEO Fabrice Bregier. “This is in no way to suggest there is any reason out of the ordinary airline customers should expect to die while flying on a Boeing Nightmareliner (sic).”

The 787 Dreamliner has been behind schedule and plagued by problems since it has entered service. Last week there were two incidents on consecutive days at Logan Airport in Boston, including an electrical file after passengers had disembarked the plane.

The new Airbus planes, called A-451 “Save You From Boeing Death” will accommodate a pilot and a flight engineer who will be responsible for controlling the firefighting equipment. While the planes will initially shadow Dreamliners, Bregier did not rule out the A-451s trailing other types of planes as well.

“Boeing 747s are some of the oldest planes in the world in service today,” Bregier noted.

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