Ted Nugent and Alex Jones “Accidentally” Shoot Each Other

Pro-gun extremist Ted Nugent, has-been singer and current NRA board member, was in a closed-door meeting with NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre and right-wing conspiracy nut Alex Jones Wednesday evening when the event occurred.

Inside sources have revealed that the three were meeting secretly to develop a plan to somehow get all the crazed right-wing militias throughout the country to organize into one cohesive unit to, “overthrow the, commie, socialist, gun-hating Obama administration.”

Apparently, talks with the militias broke down early on. That’s when Nugent and Jones (best known for his insane rant on the Piers Morgan show) started playing with the array of firearms that LaPierre had laid out as example of weapons to use against the U.S. military during the overthrow.

Sources say LaPierre became frustrated and left the room and that’s when, as one source put it, “Nugent and Jones started to fondle the weapons.” The source, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals then said, “That’s when it got strange. Ted and Alex started to engage in this weird semi-automatic circle jerk.” The two had been discussing how stupid Americans are and how you’d have to be a complete idiot not to know how to handle a gun. “That’s when their guns discharged and they shot each other.”

According to the attending doctor, they each received relatively minor injuries. Nugent took a round to the leg and Jones  a glancing shot to the head. At first doctors believed Jones’ injury to be more severe as he was ranting and screaming gibberish. But, after consulting with his family, they discovered that was his normal state. Each is expected to recover fully.

As you might imagine the NRA is trying to keep the incident quiet for fear that it will strengthen the Obama administrations case.

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