Hurricane Sandy Victims to John Boehner: Go F*ck Yourself

"Boehner" "Sandy" "relief" "fuck" "yourself"

Using John Boehner’s own words to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the victims of Hurricane Sandy have let the Speaker of the House of Representatives know how they feel about his lack of bringing storm aid to a vote before the end of the 112th Congress.

After hearing that Speaker Boehner would not take up a bill for several weeks which would allow for the essential funds necessary to help the thousands of storm victims affected by the super-storm, they put together a letter which reads:

Dear Speaker Boehner,

You’re an asshole. The Republicans in the majority in the House of Representatives are also a bunch of assholes. Go fuck yourself, and the jet you flew in on.

Sincerity is for those who care, we don’t care about you… go fuck yourself again,

The Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Speaker Boehner has no comment on this letter, because he doesn’t give a shit about the American people. Perhaps if the bill was titled, “More Bailouts for Wall Street” he’d have reconsidered.

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