Study: Increased Availability of Cigarettes Leading to Decline in Smoking

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A new study has just been released by the Contrary Institute of Discernability (CID) that has discovered an increased availability of cigarettes leads to a diminished amount of smoking by the general public.

The CID recently also put out two other separate studies that revealed the increased availability of fast food causes a decrease in obesity, and an increase in the availability of firearms diminishes crime.

The hypothesis behind the CID studies is that if you increase the availability of things that cause potential harm, the harm is curtailed.  The evidence seems to be mounting up. Future studies will include increasing the availability of alcohol to drivers, and an increased availability of poison to diminish potential harmful reactions.

The federal government has been working with the CID for about 30 years increasing the availability of loopholes and tax breaks to the wealthy, giving them more money to diminish the U.S. poverty rate.

The research isn’t authoritative, but the hypothesis is still being tested with the hopes of proving harm is actually good for us.

The CID will keep Free Wood Post up to date as the research for future studies is made available.

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