Sarah Palin Named American Rifleman Magazine’s Person of the Year

"Palin" "American" "Rifleman" "Person" "of" "the" "Year" "TIME" "magazine"

In an honor given only once per year to the person deemed most worthy of the distinguished award, ‘American Rifleman’ magazine (mouthpiece of the National Rifle Association) has named former Governor of Alaska, and FOX News contributor Sarah Palin as the illustrious recipient.

The shock of the news came biggest to the mother of five herself. Palin is honored and can’t wait to “dig in her heels and get to work living up to the worldly standards American Rifleman gives to its readers.”

Upon receiving the news, Palin told FOX News:

“I always knew if I stuck to my guns on the rights our forefathers gave us, then therefore to and also I would be appreciated for doing the work of our Lord and George Washington, the first President of the United States of America. I sure do love this country, and here to also which love this here magazine American Rifleman for noticing my love for the Second Amendment and this here our country.”

Sarah Palin is best known for her failed attempt at winning the 2008 presidential election alongside Sen. John McCain where she was serving as his vice presidential running-mate. Since then she has resigned her role as governor of Alaska and has taken up a residency in a recurring commentating role at FOX News. Palin has also used her role as a public figure to endorse candidates, publish books, star in a reality show, start a fitness line, and of course be a champion of the Second Amendment.

Palin is also remembered for her infamous line during the 2010 election cycle as she endorsed each and every Tea Party candidate to never “retreat” but rather “reload.” A line that threw her in a bit of hot water after Rep. Gabby Giffords was nearly killed after being shot in the head. Giffords was on a list of those to defeat in 2010 and crosshairs were placed over her name on a map put out by SarahPAC, Sarah Palin’s SuperPAC.

However as all good conservatives do, they forgive and forget and put Sarah Palin right back on her pedestal, and her reputation was barely tarnished.

‘American Rifleman’ wrote about Palin and why they decided to give her the award of ‘Person of the Year.’

“Sarah Palin is everything we look for in a gun rights advocate. She never lets tragedy or as we like to call them, “misfortunes of our freedom,” get to her. She always stands up for the Second Amendment above all else. She understands that as Americans our right to keep and bear arms is of utmost importance and we know she’ll aways have the best interest of freedom at heart. We couldn’t think of anyone better to give this distinguished honor.”

Earlier in the week Palin went after President Obama for being named TIME Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year.’ She didn’t understand why he should receive the honor. She even attacked the magazine using herself as an example saying, “they obviously don’t know what they’re doing over there. They even picked a dingbat like me as influential.” 

President Obama was attempted to be reached for comment about Palin’s ‘American Rifleman’ magazine accomplishment. The White House refused the call because they want nothing to do with the praising of guns especially after recent tragedy, nor the idiocy of Palin. (Not an official statement, merely paraphrased) 

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