New, More Accurate Calendar Found, Which Proves World Ends In 11 Days

It turns out that the Mayans were wrong. A much more accurate calendar has been discovered, one which also includes the cycles of the moon as well as assigning sequential numerals to the dates and separating them in groups of seven.

According to this new, scarily accurate calendar, the world will be ending on December 31st, 2012. The calendar predicts that date will fall on something called a “Monday” and that after that there are no other dates. Scientists are baffled as to why the calendar ends so abruptly, but they have confirmed it is much more accurate than the Mayan calendar.

The calendar contains pictures of cats in various positions. Scientists are unable to determine whether or not these cats have any symbolic meaning , but NASA, in collaboration with congress, have already committed to spend a billion dollars to study this calendar.

The calendar was turned over to NASA by a man named Arnold, after he noticed it on the wall of his kitchen and noticed that it only went until December 31st 2012.

The United States government is advising people not to panic, however word of this calendar was leaked several hours ago and riots have already begun in Europe.

Expect Free Wood Post to keep you apprised of any additional details, as they become available.


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