NRA Announces Partnership With McDonald’s To Combat Childhood Obesity

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As childhood obesity becomes more of a problem in America a few groups and companies are stepping up to combat the issue head on.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is known for lobbying greater gun rights for all Americans, as well as for promoting “more guns make for a safer America.” They are now looking at our growing childhood obesity epidemic and offering solutions that they are certain will slow or even reverse the climbing statistics of overweight children.

The NRA is announcing a partnership with the fast food chain McDonald’s to lobby legislators to pass a law putting the fast food chain into all American schools. Using their logic that “more guns make you safer” they are confident that the availability of more fast food to children will curtail the growing obesity epidemic.

McDonald’s agreed to the partnership because they know how popular their food is with young America, and the potential sales would be a big boost in profits. This is a similar strategy the NRA used with gun manufacturers where the sale of guns to those who feel they need piles of guns to feel safe has bolstered a whopping 300,000,000 guns circulating within America. McDonald’s is very optimistic looking at all the gun statistics that they are looking at a gold mine by partnering up with the power of the NRA.

The NRA will begin their lobbying on this issue immediately and began by sending $1000 gift cards from McDonald’s to all the children of the members of Congress. They are positive about the potential response, and look forward to solving childhood obesity with large amounts of fast food in the daily diets of all American children.

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