Rep. Joe Walsh Seeks To Make Work Mandatory On Veterans Day

WASHINGTON, DC – Outgoing Illinois Representative Joe Walsh is trying to push through a bill that would make work mandatory on the Veterans Day holiday.

“Our brave soldiers have for generations sacrificed themselves for our right to work hard,” Walsh said. “And we celebrate that by not working? That just seems wrong to me.”

Walsh lost his re-election campaign after questioning the heroism of his opponent, Tammy Duckworth. Duckworth is a veteran who served in Iraq and lost both legs and partial use of an arm in Iraq.

The bill calls for steep fines for companies that closed on Veterans Day and make it a federal crime for individuals to take sick or vacation time.

Walsh’s bill seems to have gathered little support, and even with support would have a longshot to be passed in the last remaining lame-duck days of the current legislative session.

“I frankly have no idea what he’s talking about,” a Republican member of Congress said of Walsh’s proposal.

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