Kansas City Royals Return to “Dingity”

KANSAS CITY, MO – The Kansas City Royals pulled off a major trade with the Tampa Bay Rays that netted them two starting pitchers, but apparently they needed a proofreader as well.

The Royals, who are pushing to reverse years of futility this season, have adopted a marketing campaign slogan of “Return to Dignity.” Unfortunately the logos on the uniforms were printed as “Return to Dingity.”

Club officials say they do not have money in the budget to correct the mistake.

“We have spent considerable capital on increasing player salaries and providing protective cups for all five starting pitchers,” General Manager Dayton Moore said. “We don’t have unlimited money to spend. We’re not the Miami Marlins, you know.”

Further compounding the problem is the initial plan to compensate for the spelling error was to direct stadium personnel to misspell the slogan on the stadium signage as well.

The stadium signage reads “Return Ot Dignity.”

“Yeah, we really should have been more specific on that one,” said Moore, who confirmed the club lacks funds to correct the signage, too.

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