Hillary Clinton’s Schedule Hacked

WASHINGTON, DC – The FBI is investigating a security breach at the State Department that allowed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s schedule to be leaked to the media.

Every entry between Jan. 20th, 2013 through Jan. 20th, 2017 said, “Chillaxin’ Until I’m President!”

Several political operatives noted that she did not seem to be carving out any time for campaigning, although there was some disagreement if it was necessary.

“What we found out was that people are sick of the robo calls and constant television advertisements,” said Democratic operative James Carville. “We think she will get a bump in the polls by just disavowing those tactics altogether. She’s not even going to go out and vote.”

“I think it’s the hight of arrogance,” Republican strategist Karl Rove told a group of reporters. “There are going to be plenty of strong Republican candidates who will be able to put up a strong challenge to Hillary Clinton in 2016” he added before pleading with the assembled press to stop laughing.

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