GOP Congressman Claims the Sun is “Socialist” — Giving Light and Heat Away To All For Free

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In what would seem to be another attack on President Obama over his use of stimulus funds towards solar energy, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) went on Fox News earlier today tearing into not only solar power, but also the sun itself.

When asked by Steve Doocy this morning on “FOX & Friends” what he thinks the United States should do to bolster energy production Rep. Issa responded, “We need to tap into all of our natural resources. We  need to call upon and support our oil, natural gas, and clean coal industries to bring forth all the energy we need to be energy independent.”

Doocy then asked Rep. Issa what he thought of harnessing more renewable energy such as wind and solar.

It was at this point in the interview that Rep. Issa went off on a soliloquy of sorts describing his displeasure in the solar industry.

“Why do we always need to bring up solar energy. It is the epitome of the Socialist regime that is trying to be brought about by our current administration and all of the president’s cronies. We gave money to Solyndra and look… it went belly-up. Not only are the actions taken to harness solar energy socialist, but we need to look at the actual sun itself. The sun gives light and heat to the entire earth — it gives it away for free. No one has to work for it, all they have to do is step outside and bam… there it is. Oil, natural gas, and coal are true capitalism. They are much easier to buy, own, and sell to only those who can afford it. This BS energy source that is the sun is going to murder capitalism and make all the freeloaders out there think they too can use the sun for heat, power, and light… and all for next to nothing. We must not let it happen. We need to spread the message of this socialist plot to ruin the energy industry. The sun must not be harnessed to do more socialist harm than it already does.”

Steve Doocy seemed utterly taken aback and gave a nod of approval saying, “I’m so glad we have people like you representing the best interests of the people. Socialism shall never be a road this nation should go down.” 

Issa responded, “I’m glad I have a place like Fox News to spread the truth.” 

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