U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia: “I’m Proud To Be a Douchebag”

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WASHINGTON D.C. — It seems Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is no stranger to controversy when it comes to backing up his opinions on several issues. On Monday speaking in Princeton, NJ he defended his opinion discussed in legal writings he wrote where he equated homosexuality to bestiality and murder on the principle of moral values. He also believes everything should be up to the citizens and popular opinion, and that the constitution is flexible to fit the fancy of the current populace. So basically, he sees the constitution not as a document of law, but rather as a jumping off point to skew to the whim of popular opinion (or his opinion) at any given time, albeit at the same time he says the constitution isn’t a living document.

Tuesday morning at a breakfast with Tea Party House members he was overheard by a staffer saying:

  “Let me tell you that you should never be afraid to vote based on your personal opinion, even if it goes against the Constitution. Never be afraid to go with your gut. I’ve had to make decisions on cases that would’ve devastated me financially if I upheld the Constitution and I couldn’t let that happen. I even look at the gross homosexual cases and think, how can I let my moral compass allow these folks to have the same rights as everyone else? I couldn’t live with myself if I knew it was my decision to uphold the law to allow that. You need to know that I’m proud to be a douchebag because it’s being a douchebag that keeps my pockets lined with the finest corporate dollars a man could ever ask for. All that could be yours too if you just ignore the law and go with your gut…. and don’t worry, I’ll have your back.”

The staffer quickly phoned Free Wood Post with the scoop but made us promise not to reveal their name so they wouldn’t lose their job.

Justice Scalia seems to be imperious in his role as one of the highest holders of the law in the nation. One would hope he would soon recognize his role as a supposed righteous upholder of the law, instead of one who bends the law to his fancy.

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