Rove on the Run

Sources close to Republican strategist say Karl Rove is in hiding. After a dismal election season and on air meltdown on election night, Karl Rove believes the Republican Party, in collusion with contributors to his Super PACs have put a hit out on him.

Rove was widely considered one of the smartest political operatives on the Republican side, that is, until this election cycle. Rove spent a record 300 million during the 2012 presidential election to oust President Obama and secure House and Senate seats for various republican candidates.

He founded American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS Super PACs soon after the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision allowed secret money into campaigns. He managed to convince his donors to contribute a record amount of money to these PACs with the promise of electing Republicans. Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson alone contributed more than 54 million to Rove’s quest. The problem, and the reason Rove is on the run, the 300 million spent netted a 1% return on investment. All but one candidate backed by Rove and his Super PACs failed to win the election.

This utter failure has plenty in the party and many of the millionaires trying to buy themselves a president hopping mad.  Even perennial friend and Fox News Chief Roger Ailes, has banned Karl from the air.

But is there really a hit out on Karl?  He seems to think so. Rove has virtually vanished since election night and as one correspondent put it, “He [Rove] is in business with casino owners who know guys with flat noses and brass knuckles.”

There is only one unconfirmed sighting of Rove and that was in the parking lot of an Iowa based ham packaging plant. Trying to blend Karl?

If there really is a Republican hit out on Rove, we can be sure that if it is run with the same intelligence and efficiency of a Republican campaign then Rove has nothing to fear.

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