Pentagon Says Alleged Drone Captured By Iran was Purchased With 50 Tickets At Tehran Dave & Busters

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The Iranian Navy is claiming today that it shot down and retrieved a sophisticated U.S. “spy drone” which it asserts was violating its airspace.

The U.S. Navy has accounted for all of its drones flying in the area and disputes the Iranian account. Examination of the released photos reveals a drone of lesser sophistication than those currently operating in the Persian Gulf. Pentagon officials pointed to two stickers on the wings of the drone and explained that its drones are not, in fact, “Made In China” and the Navy does not typically “Wind it Up and Watch it Go!” though they did admit that its rubber band was quite robust and would probably last for at least 100 flights.

Later investigation suggest that the “drone” may have been purchased at the Tehran Dave & Busters for 50 tickets earned from 45 minutes of vigorous skeeball play.

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