MLB Hot Stove: Dodgers Interested In Mark Sanchez

NASHVILLE, TN – According to multiple sources at baseball’s winter meetings, the Dodgers are interested in taking on the contract of New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez, should the Jets decide to move him.

The Dodgers made waves last year by taking on multiple big-money contracts from the Boston Red Sox, but baseball experts were quick to point out that the Red Sox and Dodgers play the same sport.

“We feel that Mark has tremendous upside and will rebound in the Southern California lifestyle that he’s so comfortable in,” said Dodgers executive Magic Johnson.

When asked what contribution a professional football player could possibly make to a major league baseball team, Johnson just smiled.

Many observers expect baseball commissioner Bud Selig to oppose any Sanchez-to-Dodgers deal.

“Believe it or not, compared to the jackasses leading the other leagues, Bud is actually the most competent commissioner right now,” observed a general manager for a New York American League team who wished to remain anonymous.

“You’ve got a basketball star, running a baseball team, who is trying to trade for a football player,” said ESPN analyst John Kruk. “The only thing they don’t have is hockey!”

In other Dodgers-related news, Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick has been approached by the team to be a potential backup catcher.

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